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Project eSaksham
A Joint Initiative of the Ministry of Education, AICTE and CyberPeace Foundation.

About Project eSaksham

The global demand for cyber security experts reached six million in 2019. According to NASSCOM, India had a shortage of one million cyber security professionals in 2020. The labour crunch for the same is expected to hit approximately 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021. Technological advancements and the internet have had a tremendously positive impact on innovation and opened doors for unlimited opportunities. But at the same time, it has also exposed humankind to unprecedented challenges. This new virtual space has become a breeding ground for criminals to jeopardize national interests and security of the citizens owing to anonymity guaranteed to users. The lack of digital literacy often results in people becoming easy targets of crimes, especially harassment, abuse & frauds.


Project eSaksham, launched on 17th May 2021, aims to bridge the gap in digital literacy and cyber security skills, through capacity building and outreach activities.

To build a community where:

the internet strengthens, rather than become a liability or weakness

the youth are skilled and industry ready

resources are used to create a secure ecosystem where we can translate research into market ready products through a plug and play model of research and innovation.


Trained Students and Educators
CyberPeace Fellows
CyberPeace Corps Volunteers
CyberPeace Clubs

Strengthen cybersecurity skills by working with the community to explain processes and technology

Ease the process of reporting instances of online harassment and frauds

Fill the skill gap in the cyber security space in India

Mentor and convert skills into start-ups through incubation

Set up 50 CyberPeace Clubs across the Country

Create 500 Industry ready CyberPeace Fellows

Create a pool of 25,000 CyberPeaceKeepers

Make masses aware of:

  • Data Privacy and Digital Footprint
  • CyberEthics – Responsible Online Behaviour
  • Cyber Crime and Reporting

Enabling the youth to understand the importance of engaging responsibly in cyberspace

Incubating innovative ideas and startups and create hubs for innovation and invention

Assessing the vulnerabilities in online spaces and identifying strategies

Making Cyber Range and Simulation Labs accessible

Level 1 Training:

  • 2-hour long online workshop on basic concepts of online safety and cybersecurity, netiquette and introduction to new technologies
  • Training will be for Students and Educators in batches of 6000 – 10000 participants
  • A total of 5,00,000 participants will be trained through Level 1 training workshops

Level 2 Training:

  • A 4-day long training session for 25,000 participants, shortlisted through an online assessment
  • Training will focus on enhancing CyberSecurity Skills of the participants in batches of 1000
  • An assessment Test will be conducted at the end of each session
  • The participants will be enrolled in the CyberPeace Corps Volunteer program and will work on ongoing as well as independent projects

Level 3 Training:

  • 5,000 participants will be shortlisted for the Level 3 through as assessment test
  • 5-Day long customised training sessions will be conducted for the participants suited to their areas of interest
  • This level training will be focusing on specialized verticals as IoT Security, Cloud Security, Blockchain, Infrastructure Security, etc.

Level 4 Training

  • 500 participants will be shortlisted for this level through a series of assessments, and also a psychometric test. 
  • A 30-Day intensive training session will be conducted depending on their skillset for the participants
  • The participants will get an opportunity to work on Capstone Projects with different partners from Government, Academia, Industry, LEAs etc.
  • They will be connected with mentors and subject matter experts from the industry
  • Access to labs, cyber ranges etc. will be provided

On successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate by AICTE & CyberPeace Foundation.

Online safety competitions for the participants, encouraging the positive use of online space will also be conducted throughout the course of the initiative.

  • Global CyberPeace Challenge
  • Research Conclaves
  • Symposiums
  • eRaksha Competition
  • BrainOlympics

Event Calendar


You can use the link given in the calendar to register yourself for the training session planned for the date that suits you. As soon as you register, the link for the Zoom webinar along with the password will be sent to your registered email address.

In the Level 1 training workshops we will cover the basics of cybersecurity and online safety, including topics like:

  • Data Privacy and Digital Footprint
  • CyberEthics and Responsible Behaviour
  • Cybercrime and Reporting
  • Digital Wellbeing

We will be covering the basics of cyber security in each of the sessions. However we will also be inviting experts from the industry for most of the sessions. You can take a look at our social media handles for information on upcoming events.

The sessions are open for both college students and professors.

The training sessions are being conducted absolutely free of charge. You can join any session as per your convenience after registering.

After every Level 1 training session, an online assessment test will be taken. Additionally, a questionnaire will also be shared. After successful completion of the test and the survey form, the certificate will be issued to the participant within 30 working days.

In case you are unable to give the assessment test, or fill the survey form, you can drop a mail at [email protected]  and the team will share the relevant links again.

Absolutely! The idea behind the training sessions is to hone the skills of the participants through the various levels of training. Those who complete all four levels, will be awarded a course completion certificate jointly by AICTE and CyberPeace Foundation.

Level 1 training sessions will be conducted for a total of 5,00,000 students and professors, out of which 25,000 will be shortlisted for Level 2 through the assessment test. These participants will undergo 5 day long training workshops, and will be also enrolled into the CyberPeace Corps volunteering program. For Level 3, 5000 participants will be shortlisted through a series of tests, who will then be trained further. Level 4 will entail a month long training curated to match the requirements of the industry as well as the interest areas of the participants. The final batch will be 500 participants.

Yes. You can enroll as a volunteer with us by visiting our website

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